Term Limits

Term Limits is one of the many issues that Our Generation is passionate about. After reading this page, you will know what term limits are, why we believe they are necessary for our country, and what you can do to help.

What Are Term Limits?

The Founding Fathers of our country never intended politics to become a lifetime career for any individual. The idea was that everyday citizens living in the United States, who knew first hand the issues facing us, would serve Congress for an allotted amount of time. When their time was up, they would return to their communities and live under the laws they had enacted. As one “Citizen Representative” stepped down, a new one would enter Congress. Today, we use the term “Career Politician” to describe what is happening in Congress. There are no laws that say a member of Congress can only serve a certain amount of terms. Congress members are staying in office for years because of the pay raises, health and retirement benefits, and some say, the intoxication of power. Our Generation believes that Members of the House should be limited to three two-year terms and Senators limited to two six-year terms.

Why Do We Need Term Limits?

John Adams said, “Without [term limits] every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey”. That being said, here are some of the reasons we believe our country needs Term Limits.

  • Term Limits can help break the cycle of corruption in Congress. Case studies show that the longer an individual stays in office, the more likely they are to stop serving the public and begin serving their own interests.
  • Term Limits will encourage regular citizens to run for office. Presently, there is a 94% re-election rate in the House and 83% in the Senate. Because of name recognition, and usually the advantage of money, it can be easy to stay in office. Without legitimate competition, what is the incentive for a member of Congress to serve the public? Furthermore, it is almost a lost cause for the average citizen to try to campaign against current members of Congress.
  • Term Limits will break the power special interest groups have in Congress.
  • Term Limits will force politicians to think about the impact of their legislation because they will be returning to their communities shortly to live under the laws they enacted.
  • Term Limits will bring diversity of people and fresh ideas to Congress.

What Can You Do to Help?

  • First, go to termlimitspetition.org and sign our petition.
  • Become a fan on Facebook to follow our work and learn more about how you can become involved.
  • If you can, please donate to Our Generation. That will help us to continue our fight for Term Limits and get the word out to every American citizen. Any amount will help!

“Asking an incumbent member of Congress to vote for (congressional) term limits is a bit like asking a chicken to vote for Colonel Sanders.”
— Congressman Bob Inglis