Survey Results

Below is some results from our National Census of Senior Citizens.

Q: Do you support the Social Security Preservation Act, which will protect and guarantee your Social Security benefits?

A: 98 percent yes

2 percent undecided


Q: Do you support a privatization plan to allow workers to deposit part of their Social Security payments into private accounts?

A: 25.3 percent yes

53.7 percent no

17.9 percent undecided

3.2 percent no answer


Q: Is it important to you for Social Security benefits to stay at current levels and for COLAs to keep pace with inflation?

A: 94.8 percent yes

2.1 percent no

3.1 percent undecided


Q: Are you satisfied with the benefits that seniors receive through the Medicare program?

A: 71 percent yes

13 percent no

14 percent undecided

2 percent no answer


Q: Are you satisfied with the benefits seniors receive through the Medicare prescription drug program?

A: 51 percent yes

17.3 percent no

17.3 percent undecided

14.3 percent no answer


Q: In general, do you approve of the performance of the members of Congress in their duties?

A: 8.2 percent yes

74.5 percent no

14.3 percent undecided

3.1 percent no answer