Press Release 4-1-2011

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April 1, 2011                                                                             Phone: 732-689-4169


(Alexandria, VA.) – Today, Our Generation, a 75,000 member nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group distributed a letter to the Alabama State Legislature urging support of SB 127, legislation that would prompt a ballot initiative that would limit a legislator’s service in the state legislature to three consecutive terms.  The letter reads:

“The Alabama House and Senate may soon consider Senate Bill 127, legislation introduced by Sen. Trip Pittman, which would create a ballot initiative that would limit a lawmaker’s service in the state legislature to three consecutive terms.  On behalf of over 4,600 members and supporters of Our Generation in the state of Alabama, I urge you to support this bill and any legislation that imposes term limits on state legislators.

“Opponents of term limits contend that term limits promote inexperienced legislatures and give more power to bureaucracies and special interests.  These objections are incorrect.  History has shown that term limits do just the opposite; they stimulate political participation by encouraging competition in elections and also spreading power among more members of a legislative branch.  Term limits create legislative bodies that are more responsive to the needs of their citizens, rather than members who are only concerned with reelection.

“Not only do term limits promote good government, voters overwhelmingly support them.  In a survey that Our Generation administered to six million voters nationwide, 96.4 percent of respondents were in favor of term limits.

“The political culture in Alabama has shown it can produce corruption.  Legislators should make changes that reflect their responsibility to serve the people and not their own interests.  At a time when many Americans do not trust the government, elected officials should be pursuing policies that instill confidence, and offer solutions that foster a more representative democracy.  Term limits accomplish both of these goals.

“Our Generation applauds the efforts to enact term limits for state legislators and urges support of SB 127.  It is time to instill public trust in elected officials and promote a citizen legislature.”

Our Generation, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization founded in 2009 to research, educate and promote long-term free market solutions to today’s public policy concerns.