Rita Smith, who has worked with non-profits in DC for 30 years, started Our Generation in 2009 because of her passion for limiting government, low taxation, and individual freedom. Through Our Generation, she has started an aggressive campaign supporting one of her main issues, Term Limits in Congress. Towards that aim, Our Generation hosted its first Video Ad Contest. Contestants were asked to submit a 60 second video in support of Term Limits. Through this contest, Our Generation hopes to raise awareness of Term Limits, grow a community of supporters who will sign our petition, call and write their Representatives, and pass the word.

Our Generation received 43 amazing submissions! The winner received $12,000! The winner and Top 10 are posted on this site. Watch video submissions here.

For more information email us at or call MacMillin Slobodien at 732.689.4169.

Press Releases

Video Contest – 12-30-2010

Term Limits Alabama 4-1-2011

Tax Day 4-18-2011

Term Limits Issue Brief Release 6-12-2011