Press Release 8-19-11

Pro-Term Limits Group Launches Campaign to Send Members of Congress Packing


(Alexandria, VA) – Today, the free-market advocacy group Our Generation launched a half-a-million dollar ad campaign in support of term limits for Members of Congress.  The campaign, which includes television advertisements, issue briefs, and grassroots lobbying, uses a mix of old and new media to ask voters to put pressure on Congress and their state legislators.  To see the advertisements, visit Our Generation’s website here.  Through this campaign, Our Generation will raise awareness about the importance of term limits for our nation.  The ads will run nationally.

“It doesn’t matter whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, our elected officials have proven that the longer they stay in Washington D.C. they more they become part of the Washington establishment; which changes their focus from governing to getting re-elected,” said Our Generation Executive Director MacMillin Slobodien.  “It’s time for us to start sending them all home.”

The ads, which have already started airing on FOX News, CNN and MSNBC call Congress “Arrogant, aloof, and unresponsive” and ask viewers to sign a petition at  Other parts of the campaign include a targeting mailing to 400,000 voters asking them to sign petitions and contact their legislatures, sending an issue brief entitled “Term Limits: A reform that works” to policy makers across the country, and a new media campaign using You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Our Generation plans to continue this campaign into the 2012 election cycle.