Press Release 6-29-2012


(Alexandria, VA)— Our Generation, a free market advocacy group applauds recent comments that reformist New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made about his support for term limits.

On Monday June 18, 2012, Governor Christie told NJ105.1com that term limits would result in more competitive elections and cut down on corruption in the Garden State. Governor Christie noted in his interview, ‘“When I was U.S. Attorney,” he says, “we wound up putting 10 percent of the state Legislature in jail. During my 7 years, we convicted 132 public officials – Republicans and Democrats while I was U.S. Attorney – without a defeat in any public corruption cases. I absolutely believe that term limits would help, because I think the longer people are there the more entitled they become – the more entitled they feel…I believe there should be term limits for everybody and I think putting new blood into government on a regular basis will make sense.”’

In June 2011, Our Generation released a research report which outlines the ways term limits benefit democracy, “Term Limits: A Reform that Works,” which was authored by term limits scholar Patrick Basham. The study details numerous examples of how term limits promote legislatures that create more energetic, independent, and effective deliberative legislative bodies. Among the findings are the following:

  • Term limits stimulate electoral competition;
  • Term limits enable nontraditional candidates to run for office;
  • Term Limits weaken the leadership control and seniority systems in legislative bodies; and
  • Term Limits promote public policies compatible with limited government.

“Governor Christie is reiterating what 71 percent of voters already feel, which is elected officials have almost become a ruling class where rates of incumbency are astronomical, and politicians’ primary focus has shifted from legislating to fund-raising and getting re-elected,” said Our Generation’s Executive Director MacMillin Slobodien. “Term limits offer a check on the detrimental aspects of incumbency and require elected officials to focus on promises made to voters rather than promoting personal gains for reelection. Term limits and their adoption will have in changing our country’s political culture for the better by fostering real reform.”

Our Generation, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization founded in 2009 to research, educate and promote long-term free market solutions to today’s public policy concerns.