Press Release 4-15-2011


(Alexandria, VA.) – Today, Our Generation, a 75,000-member nonprofit, nonpartisan free market advocacy group congratulated Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and the 10 other Republican senators who introduced an amendment to the United States Constitution that would apply term limits to members of Congress.  The measure, S.J. Res. 11, would limit House Members to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office.   Because enacting term limits requires an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the legislation would require a two-thirds majority vote approval in the House and Senate, and then three-fourths of the states would need to adopt it.

Term limits stimulate political participation by encouraging competition in elections and also spreading power among more members of a legislative branch.  They also create legislative bodies that are more responsive to the needs of their citizens, which fosters an environment where politicians are less concerned with reelection and not beholden to special interests.

“Now is the time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. and restore public trust in our elected officials by adopting term limits,” said MacMillin Slobodien, Executive Director of Our Generation.  “Instilling public trust in government is crucial considering the mismanagement and wasteful spending that has saddled Americans with a $1.5 trillion budget deficit and a $14 trillion national debt.”

Our Generation applauds the efforts to enact term limits legislation and urges Congress and the states to take swift action on the issue.

Our Generation, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization founded in 2009 to research, educate and promote long-term free market solutions to today’s public policy concerns.