2013 was a great year and with the help of Our Generation members and supporters we continue to have an impact as grassroots activists.
Below are some of the numbers:

Term Limits:
Supporters across the country replied to Our Generation with 60,328 County Referendums in support of term limits for Congress
Additionally, there were 26,573 petitions sent to Congress asking for term limits to be enacted.

There were another 8,700 petitions sent to Congress in support of S.J.Res. 2.

Also, 108,268 petitions were sent to the state legislatures in support a Constitutional Convention in order to force the U.S. Congress to enact term limits.

Council for Retirement Security:

26,122 members and supports petitioned Congress to stop the raiding of the Social Security Trust Fund, repay what’s been taken out.

In addition, nearly 100,000 seniors responded to survey questions and those results were sent to Congressional leadership and the White
House. To see some of the results click here.