May 2012

May 27, 2012

Dear Representative,

As you continue your work in Congress and consider ways to make this country stronger, one issue that is of concern to the members of Our Generation is making sure that Congress has a plan to address our budget deficit and national debt.

In the coming months President Obama will ask Congress to consider raising the debt ceiling again. When debating this issue we ask that you consider some common sense solutions to steering the country back on a path toward fiscal responsibility.

Given the dire consequences of prolonged fiscal irresponsibility, it is crucial to come up with long-term solutions to our fiscal problems.

We only need to look at Greece where decades of reckless government spending have resulted in a failed government, reduced standards of living and rampant unemployment. We urge you to make prudent decisions to avoid a similar situation in America. The best way to prevent this financial havoc from affecting America is by instituting a federal spending freeze. Secondly, any increase in the debt ceiling needs to be met with cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. These reforms would put the country back on a path toward fiscal responsibility.

Our Generation is a non-partisan, nonprofit grassroots citizens group, dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens through awareness and advocacy. I hope you find the above information useful and consider our viewpoints as you continue to serve in the U.S. Congress.


MacMillin Slobodien

Executive Director