June 2010

June 1, 2010

RE: Council for Retirement Security poll finds support for repeal of 1993 Clinton S.S. tax

Dear Member of Congress,

In an effort to make you aware of the issues that most concern America’s seniors this election year, I’m writing to share the results of our recent survey, which asked, “Do you support repeal of the 1993 Clinton tax increase on Social Security?”

We mailed more than 6 million questionnaires and have received responses from across the nation, including your district. You may be interested to note the following answers:

52.5%    Yes, Congress should repeal the tax increase
26.4%    No
13.2% Undecided
7.9%    No answer

The Council for Retirement Security, a program of the nonpartisan, nonprofit grassroots citizens group Our Generation, is dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens through awareness and advocacy.  I hope you find the above information useful and take into consideration the viewpoints expressed as you review tax reform legislation and other matters of vital importance to America’s expanding senior population.

Very Truly Yours,

Rita Smith