July 2011

Dear Member of Congress,

Taxpayers are frustrated with Congress’ spending addiction.

The size and scope of the Federal Government has been accelerating at lightning speed.

The failure of Congress to control spending has now saddled taxpayers and future taxpayers with a National Debt exceeding $14 trillion!

Economic experts agree, America is plunging toward an inevitable disaster. Congress simply can not continue to spend more than it takes in without bankrupting our nation and our quality of life.

We at Our Generation urge you to take immediate steps to reduce spending. A fair and balanced, across- the- board Federal Spending Freeze is the only realistic resolution.

No country can survive under such massive public debt. On behalf of 115,589 members of Our Generation I urge you to:

  • Hold non-defense federal spending at 2008 levels
  • Prohibit any tax increases
  • Guarantee benefits to present and future social security recipients
  • Eliminate useless and wasteful spending programs and “privatize” others which  can be handled more efficiently by the private sector
  • Work to Balance the Budget/Tax Limitation Amendment to keep the Federal budget balanced permanently

Our Generation is a non profit, non partisan grassroots citizens group dedicated to research, educate and promote long term free market solutions to today’s public policy concerns. Our goal is to leave the world better than we inherited for future generations




MacMillin Slobodien

Executive Director