Federal Spending Freeze

America needs to freeze its federal spending.  In just a few short years, politicians in Washington, D.C. have created a massive public debt of more than $15 trillion and climbing.  Yet these elected officials continue to push for more deficit spending.   Economic experts agree that a bold, no-nonsense, across-the-board federal spending freeze is the only realistic and fair emergency plan to stop politicians’ reckless spending and effectively eliminate the huge budget deficits that are bankrupting our country.

A federal spending freeze would force politicians to stop spending our tax dollars to appease every big special interest group that promises “in-kind” support and campaign dollars to help get them re-elected.

In a nutshell, here’s what a Federal Spending Freeze would do:

  • Cap all non-defense federal spending at 2008 levels;
  • Force Congress to eliminate wasteful and useless federal programs — and “privatize” others which would be more efficiently run by the private sector (this would also help create private sector jobs!);
  • Guarantee benefits to present and future social security recipients;
  • Avoid any tax increases.

A spending freeze would help balance the budget and would pave the way for a Balanced Budget Amendment that would require Congress to balance federal budgets permanently.  A federal spending
freeze is necessary to help put our country back on a path toward economic prosperity.

The National Taxpayer Campaign on Congress for a Federal Spending Freeze, a project of Our Generation, will continue to advocate for policies that make sure that American’s finances are managed responsibly.