Our Generation Testifies In Front of FEC

FullSizeRenderYesterday, a representative of Our Generation testified before the Federal Election Commission on a potential rulemaking to revise regulations in light of certain language from the Supreme Court’s April 2014 decision in McCutcheon, et al. v. FEC. These new rules under consideration by the FEC set a dangerous precedent that would severely undermine the political and policy debate process for millions of individuals and groups nationwide. Our Generation has taken this matter very seriously as the work we do on behalf of our membership would be greatly impacted by these new regulations.

The Commission sought comment on whether it should “improve its collection and presentation of campaign finance data” which presumably means, at least in part, regulation of the Internet. In its testimony Our Generation asserted that the Internet should continue to remain a robust and vibrant space for political discussion and in its comments urged the Commission to continue to take a “hands off approach.” Any rules the Commission promulgates must respect the First Amendment and not infringe upon the rights of citizens to engage in constitutionally protected speech.

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