Coburn: Term Limits May Become a Reality

In a very positive light, last week Sen. Tom Coburn, a term limit supporter, told a group of activists that term limits may be possible for Congress.  According to The Daily Caller, “Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn said Thursday that he believes passing term limits for members of Congress might be possible. ‘I think term limits are possible,’ Coburn said, speaking Thursday on a panel at CPAC.  He said too many members of Congress direct too much of their focus on getting re-elected. Coburn has set term limits for himself in the Senate, promising to only serve two terms.”

Senator Coburn is actually living up to his term limit promise and will retire at the end of this year, before his second term in the Senate expires. Legislative bodies with term-limited legislators have been shown to be less partisan and have legislators that reflect the needs of their constituents more.  Let’s hope term limits do become a reality in Washington, D.C. and create a more functional and workable federal government.

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