Recent Survey Shows that 58.9 Percent Support Reform

 Alexandria, VA – Today, Our Generation responded to Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s Report on reforming anti-poverty programs.  On March 3, 2014 the House Budget Committee’s majority staff released a new report titled, “The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later.” The report does an assessment of the federal government’s current efforts to alleviate poverty in America and details the fact that government programs have spent at least $799 billion on 92 programs to help low-income families.

According to a press release, “[T]he report shows, some of these programs are duplicative or even counterproductive. And as a whole, they often discourage families from getting ahead.” When Rep. Ryan was interviewed about his report he stated, “There are nearly 100 programs at the federal level that are meant to help, but they have actually created a poverty trap. . .  [t]here is no coordination with these programs, and new ones are frequently being added without much consideration to how they affect other programs. We’ve got to fix the situation, and this report is a first step toward significant reform”

The conclusions reached in the report about the need to reform anti-poverty programs shares some of the views that a majority of Our Generation’s members have about welfare reform.  When Our Generation recently surveyed thousands of its members from across the country and asked the question: “Do you support welfare reform?”  A majority of those who responded or 58.9 percent support welfare reform, while only 7.4 opposed it and 33.7 did not answer the question.

Our Generation applauds Chairman Ryan for his work on the report in informing the public and we hope this report is the start of a serious debate about creating more efficiencies and reforming programs to make them work.

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