Oversight, and More Oversight

Every taxpayer has heard of the $600 hammer and the $300 toilet seat, and shaken their head in disbelief as to how government spending could get so mismanaged.   On a positive note, the Obama Administration has sought to tackle transparency of government spending with a coordinated plan.  A March 10, 2011 article in The Washington Post reported, “As part of the reforms, several departments have canceled or revamped the development of new business and accounting systems used to receive payments, distribute federal funds and grants, manage contracts and process worker payrolls. Many of the systems cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, but in some cases were years overdue or inoperable.”  This is a serious attempt at oversight that is needed to restore a sense of fiscal accountability in the federal government.

As if one layer of oversight is not enough, the “administration’s chief overseer” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is seeking to oversee the administrations financial oversight plans, with a series of hearings that are set occur this week.

With all of this oversight taxpayers might actually see their dollars being spent more wisely in the future.

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