Term Limits Are a Priority for Richmond Virginia Residents

On Wednesday, Our Generation was fortunate to take part in a Term Limit Summit in Richmond, Virginia. The event came about when a group of concerned neighbors were talking about ways that they could change this country for the better and they began talking about term limits. So they reserved some space contacted speakers and held a great event which included both term limit experts and advocates and candidates who support term limits. The event illustrated why term limits are important and why they are necessary to change the status quo in Washington, D.C.   This event also showed that power that concerned citizens can have and change the country for the better. Sometimes all it takes is a few neighbors who care.

Weekly Check in 9/8/2014

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2014 Congressional Compensation Report

As Congress looks for ways to balance the budget and reduce the national debt, large cuts to their own compensation should be given serious consideration. Read the full report on congressional compensation here.

August: A Time to Reflect on Congress

August is always a quite time in Washington, DC, Members of Congress pack up and go home to engage in a district work period. The benefit is that generally when they are not here in the beltway they cannot cause much trouble. August is also a time to reflect on how to change Congress for…

Long Congressional Tenures Increase Government Spending

 Washington, D.C.—Our Generation islaunching an aggressive national campaign to educate Americans about the relationship between Congressional tenures and the size and growth of government.  In its new report titled, Congressional Tenure and its Impact on Government Spending, Our Generation concludes that “the longer a Member of Congress remains in office, on average the more supportive…