August: A Time to Reflect on Congress

August is always a quite time in Washington, DC, Members of Congress pack up and go home to engage in a district work period. The benefit is that generally when they are not here in the beltway they cannot cause much trouble. August is also a time to reflect on how to change Congress for the better. Recently, The Washington Post recently did a story on some interesting poll results Gallup conducted on how Americans would FIX Congress. It is of note that 11 percent said they would enact term limits, but even more surprising is the fact that nearly quarter or 22 percent suggested that they would replace Congress and start anew. This was an open-ended question, which means that the answers were not supplied and the people polled came up with solutions without being supplied with an answer. The complete list from the Post is below:


Long Congressional Tenures Increase Government Spending

 Washington, D.C.—Our Generation islaunching an aggressive national campaign to educate Americans about the relationship between Congressional tenures and the size and growth of government.  In its new report titled, Congressional Tenure and its Impact on Government Spending, Our Generation concludes that “the longer a Member of Congress remains in office, on average the more supportiveContinue Reading

Oversight Over Government Spending is Still Needed

According to an article in USA Today, “The Internal Revenue Service handed out $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with disciplinary issues — including more than $1 million to employees who didn’t pay their federal taxes, a watchdog report says.”   This news probably comes as a shock to most taxpayers, who assume that employeesContinue Reading

Tax Day: Retirees Weigh In

Survey Results Show Majority Think Taxes Are Too High Alexandria, VA- Today, on tax day, Our Generation released survey results about retired Americans views on taxes. Over the course of the last several months Our Generation has received over 10,000 surveys  about how retired American from across the country fell about important public policy issuesContinue Reading

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