Tax Day: Retirees Weigh In

Survey Results Show Majority Think Taxes Are Too High

Alexandria, VA- Today, on tax day, Our Generation released survey results about retired Americans views on taxes. Over the course of the last several months Our Generation has received over 10,000 surveys  about how retired American from across the country fell about important public policy issues including taxes.  The results reflect the fact that most retirees think their tax burden is too high and that certain taxes should be eliminated or reformed.

Our Generation asked retired Americans about how they feel about their tax rates; 60.8 percent felt that the taxes they paid were too high.  This reflects an ongoing trend where an increasing number of Americans feel that their taxes are not fair.  85 percent of respondents to the survey stated that they were living on a fixed income.

When asked questions about taxing certain behaviors or programs the respondents were even more in lock step with each other.

80 percent of respondents felt that Social Security benefits should not be taxed, and

81 percent felt that the estate or death tax should be abolished.

In 2013 the federal estate tax went from 35 to 40 percent on non-exempted estates.  There was no federal estate tax in 2010.

“On tax day when many American take stock of how much they are required to pay the government, these survey results  show that it would be wise for Congress to rethink their tax policies and find a better way to use limited government resources more effectively and efficiently,” said MacMillin Slobodien Executive Director of Our Generation.

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